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Principal's Note

Keeping our campus safe is the responsibility of the entire Fox community. We ask all parents to prominently display their visitor’s pass (obtained from the office) whenever they are on school grounds.  Please report any potential dangers or suspicious behaviors, on or near our campus, to the office or Police Department immediately.

The safety and supervision of our students is of the utmost importance. Thank you for your help!



Mike Pappas

Fox Principal

Disaster Plan Safety Bulletin

Safety Bulletin on Disaster Plans

We all remember participating in fire and earthquake drills when we were in elementary school, ducking underneath our desk or evacuating the classroom to line up outside with the rest of the student body. Through the naïve eyes of a child it almost seemed so innocent, almost fun. But through the eyes of each staff member this was a time to practice the safety procedures they hoped they would never have to use, while imagining scenarios that they hoped they would never become real.

More than ever before, schools must be prepared to handle all types of emergencies. In addition to the basic fire, earthquake, and evacuation situations, schools must prepare for chemical spills, power failures, intruders, civil disturbances, and any other event that interrupts regular school activity. Teachers and staff must be prepared for lockdown procedures, search and rescue, first aid, evacuation, and dismissal for hundreds of children. In the case of a major disaster, schools must also have enough staff and materials to supervise students for up to three days.

At Fox School, the safety of students is our primary objective. That is why we have a comprehensive Disaster Plan for responding to emergencies. This plan was developed with collaborative input from parents, staff, the San Mateo Department of Education, and Belmont Police Department’s Safe School Program. Fox School will continue to work with the Safe Schools program to make sure that our emergency procedures and policies are updated and practiced.

Keep emergency contact information currentIn an emergency, communication is essential. It is vitally important to make sure that the information on your child’s emergency card and the PTA phone tree is kept current. This includes your home and cell numbers, as well as your emergency designee. You may update your cards at any time by emailing Nan Hirahara at or by calling 650.637.4850.  To update numbers on the PTA Phone Tree, please contact your room representative.

In the case of a major emergency, it is very important parents follow these guidelines:

  1. Remain calm. We will stay with your child(ren) and keep them safe for however long it takes to reunite them with you. We have enough food and water for each child to last three days.
  2. No student will be dismissed from school, nor allowed to leave school, unless a parent (or emergency designee) comes to school for him/her.  Emergency designees should already be listed on the back of each child’s yellow emergency cards.
  3. The automated emergency phone system will be initiated if we need to contact you about the situation at school. Make sure all of your contact information remains current.
  4. Come to school to pick up your child as soon as possible. At that time, you may also pick up any other children for whom you are the emergency card designee.
  5. Park on the streets. Leave the driveway and parking areas clear for emergency vehicles. Parents will most likely need to park on Benson Way or Hallmark Dr. and then walk up.
  6. If there is a need to evacuate, all Fox School staff and students would be relocated to Ralston Middle School (2675 Ralston Ave., 3 blocks from Fox School).